5 Best Defend The Castle Games for Android & iOS

The era of touchscreen smartphones has bought a lot of games into play and one of them is tower defense games, aka, defend the castle games. For now, the tower defense games are very popular but you never know, it could fade away just like any other genre. So make the most out of the defend the castle games available on Google Play Store and App Store as well.

Wondering which is the best Defend the Castle games for Android and iOS users? I’ve got your back! After playing around 25 games, I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best games of all time in the tower defense genre.

5 Best Defend the Castle Games

Here’s a complete list of Defend the Castle games you must never miss out on.

1. Kingdom Rush

The Kingdom Rush series is one the most anticipated and popular tower defense games of all time. Name it any version, and it will surely have millions of reviews from satisfied gamers around the world.

With intuitive control and immersive graphics, you can indulge yourself in the game for hours and you’ll never get bored of it. If you’ve never played Defend the Castle games, Kingdom Rush can surely be your favorite once you start playing it.

2. Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

A lot of gamers categorize Plants Vs Zombies 2 in another genre rather than naming it under tower defense game because of its gameplay. But if you watch the gameplay, and play it yourself, you will understand why it’s termed as a Defence the Castle game.

From defending your building and laying down the base and from upgrading the defenses to looking out for the tower destroyers, you are in for a treat! Of course, the cartoonish kind of graphics might not look appealing but let that not fool you and you better concentrate on the gameplay instead of graphics. And you will surely love playing it again and again once you do it.

3. Defense Zone 3

Unlike Kingdom Rush, the Defence Zone series has unique gameplay and has its own set of audiences to serve. With many popular series of games already released by the developer of Defense Zone, this 3rd version is just another gem.

With a plethora of difficulty modes added as compared to the previous two versions, you’re sure to enjoy every moment in the game. Given the special battles and the support for 20 languages around the world, you can play with some unknown players around the world without a language barrier. The game gets tougher as you keep playing and hence it brushes up your gaming skills.

4. Clash Royale

After the success of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale was yet another successful game from Supercell and was (is) loved by millions of players around the world. The game doesn’t involve a single tower to defend, it has got multiple towers (built by you) and you need to protect them all together.

Moreover, you can indulge yourself in PvP battles with your enemies to target their towers and gain control over them. Of course, meanwhile, you need to save your towers too. You don’t need to be a master to play this game, instead, you will only get better as you play.

5. Grow Castle

Grow Castle is a typical tower defense game where you actually get a huge tower to defend with the help of your heroes. If a game name was a definition to Defend the Castle games, Grow Castle should be one of them.

With over 120 heroes in the game, each one of them has unique powers and strategies to implement in order to save the tower. The heroes get a ranking system based on their defense strategies. And who knows, you can be the number 1 if you showed the right set of skills to defend a tower and were successful in the process.

Summing Up…

Which Defence the Castle game you would’ve played out of these 5 if I asked you to pick any of them? Well, if you ask me, Kingdom Rush (any game from the series) would be my 1st pick followed by Clash Royale.

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