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In today’s world, where the word spreads like wildfire, don’t you wish for a forum to say anything and everything anonymously? If this is the case, you need apps such as Whisper, which allow users to post, share, and discuss their secrets without anyone knowing their identity.

So if you are in need of channeling your thoughts secretly, here are some apps like Whisper to help you do so.


Say All You Want…Secretly

Price: Free

Whisper is a social networking application, where users can post confessions, secrets, or rants. Whisper’s distinguishing feature is the users can post by imposing text on pictures, using a random nickname. It provides users with its own gallery of pictures and font styles, helping users maintain their anonymity.

If you are 17 years old or older, using an Android or iOS device, there is nothing stopping you from pouring your thoughts at Whisper.

What is different about Whisper is unlike other social networking platforms, there are no followers, profiles, or friends. Though Whisper uses your location and allows you to add your school or group, you cannot add your pictures or email.

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Whisper for PC

So are you wondering how you would interact with other users? The only way to interact is by responding to their Whispers by sending your own message via the chat function. But remember, it is difficult to maintain your secrecy via this function.

Similar Apps to Whisper

So if you are looking for anonymous posting sites like Whisper, we have some recommendations for you. Have a look at them below.


Price: Free

Have you ever wanted to ask your friends something that you cannot do so directly? It may be something embarrassing, it may be a confession, but we all have been there. That is why Ask.fm can be your go-to place.

Just like Whisper, Ask.fm allows you to post questions to your friends while being anonymous, making it one of the biggest social networking sites in the world.

The fun thing about this app is that you can see all the questions previously answered by your friends, and you can use animations, pictures, or even GIFS, making it a great place for teenagers who want to communicate but are shy or fear judgment.


Price: Free

Moco allows you to chat with millions of users nearby and around the globe. How great is that?

The best thing about this app is that it not only allows you to chat, but also play games. You can filter your interactions with strangers by location, gender, age, and other factors.

You can not only customize your messages using images and GIFS, but also your profile. You have an option to make it public or private.

Moco will allow you to join different chat rooms to communicate with other users or even create your own unique room.


Price: Free

Shush is a free of cost, super secure, and user friendly application. Here you can share your thoughts, opinions, comments, or even give advice without revealing your identity. Shush allows you to fully express yourself and engage in meaningful discussions privately or publicly without anyone to judge.

The great thing about Shush is that you get a social experience where you can pour your heart out about the issues that you feel are important or keep close to heart.


Price: Free

Does the name say it all? Indeed, it does. Vent is where you can vent all you want.

Vent allows you to express your feelings with the community from over the globe. This community is understanding, supportive, helpful, and offers advice on your problems without even knowing you. Isn’t that we all wish for?

Vent has members from all around the world who are one click away from hearing all you have to vent. It is an excellent platform if you do not wish to use Whisper, offering wide-ranging features.


Price: Free

Matter is a social networking platform that allows users to provide feedback and is available on both iOS and Android devices. Matter allows you to text people, give your opinions, and share your thoughts.

This app is particularly for the people looking to have a mature discussion on topics such as relationships. In turn, people can reply without giving their identity.

Matter is a great platform if you want to get feedback about yourself, without second thoughts.

It will help the other party give honest opinions about you, even the ones they might not be comfortable giving otherwise.


Price: Free

Again, Honestly is a wonderful platform like Whisper that allows you to know how people around you feel about you. Honestly gives the users a safe, secure, and positive environment to encourage a healthy dialogue.

The best thing about this app is that it gives you a chance to interact with new people, make friends, and widen your circle. This app comes with a wide range of questions about yourself, which can even improve your understanding of yourself.


Sometimes we wish to say something, but we do not want the other person to know our identity. For this reason, apps like Whisper can be our best friends. We have compiled a list of similar apps for you to say stuff secretly.

So go through these apps and say whatever you want to secretly. Share your feeling, confessions, or anything you would like; no one will ever know it is you.

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