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5 Best Apps That Makes You Look Old for Android

If you could see how you would look when you’re old, would you? After all, it’s human nature to be curious about how we and our loved ones will look like old.

Luckily, with new age-progression technology, you have apps that make yourself look old right at your fingertips. In recent years, these apps have become more popular, with people becoming obsessed with trying to look elderly.

All you have to do is search for ‘age progression’, and you’ll find countless videos of people aging within seconds. It’s both fun, interesting, and an easy way to pass the time these days.

The good thing is, you can try it out without having to pay. Most of the make me older apps are free.

However, figuring out which apps are more accurate or user-friendly is difficult. Therefore, we’ve listed the five best what will you look like when you’re old apps down below. These apps have the best features and are free for Android.

What App Makes You Look Older?

Before we get into our list, let’s talk about how these apps work. Contrary to what you may think, it’s very simple.

The software sifts through thousands of images and picks up an overall trend of how people’s faces change as they age. Then, all you have to do is upload a photo, and the app will use that trend to show you an aged image of yourself.

However, don’t expect these apps to be 100% accurate as they don’t take into account individual differences, particularly if you have a facial scar. Consequently, don’t take the app too seriously and just accept it for the fun that it is.

With that said, let’s get into our list of the five best age progression apps for Android:

5 Best Apps that Makes you Look Old

1. Oldify

First up, we have Oldify, which ages your face up to 80 years. It comes with a fully-functional camera and an in-built scanner, giving you results within seconds. There are different age brackets you can choose from, starting from 40 years and ending at 80 years.

Moreover, each age bracket has different filters attached to it, allowing you to edit your photo after you’ve taken it. With the app’s in-built share option, you can instantly give friends and family a view of an older, more wrinkly you.

According to most users, the app is best at giving instant results. Also, it doesn’t take up much storage space, making it a more convenient option. However, while the photos and effects are decent, other apps have more advanced technology and yield better results.

2. AgingBooth

AgingBooth for PC

Secondly, AgingBooth is a highly popular app with many advanced features. It was developed by PiVi & Co., a French app developing company, specializing in entertainment apps. The company puts heavy emphasis on improvement, frequently updating their apps to fix/enhance their features. Accordingly, AgingBooth is no exception.

It has many great features, including:

  • Auto-crop
  • Auto-save
  • Before-and-after views
  • Auto-link to email/Facebook sharing

Moreover, you don’t need WiFi to work the app as it works without an internet connection. You can either upload a photo from your gallery or take one using the app’s camera. The results are funny and entertaining, though they don’t mimic realistic aging processes.

3. Face App

Face App for PC

Next, Face App is one of the best apps out there for age progression. Users find the app very entertaining, even the non-pro version. This app was created by Wireless Lab, a Russian tech company.

The app is popular all over the world, especially amongst the LGBTQ community because of its gender change feature.

Accordingly, the app is for more than just age progression, making it a more versatile addition to your phone. There are over 35 free filters to choose from, each with different colors and contrasts.

Additionally, you can use the app to:

  • Blur your background
  • Change your hairstyle and color
  • Edit facial features such as a beard/mustache
  • Add tattoos

The age progression feature is easy to work, yielding more ideal and realistic results for those aged 20 to 60. While the non-pro version is very impressive, you can also opt for the FaceApp Pro if you want more advanced filters.

4. Face Secret

Another great app, Face Secret, has a wide array of fun features. From age progression to even palm reading, this app lets you know more about yourself. Therefore, you can try and make predictions on your future and have fun with your friends.

Like FaceApp, it’s more versatile than other age progression apps. It also has a gender swap option, an in-built face scanner, and a palm reading option. The app uses enhanced AI to accurately detect and predict your ‘Future Face’.

In sum, the app lets you:

  • Read your zodiac horoscope
  • Create a baby photo (by putting in the photos of the potential parents)
  • Make aging predictions with the face scanner
  • Use the palm-reading scan to learn about your future

All in all, it’s a very unique app, being something new to try with your friends.

5. Old Face

Old Face for PC

Lastly, we have Old Face, another ideal app for Android users. It’s optimized for all Android devices, including phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Moreover, if you’re looking for a straightforward age progression app, Old Face won’t disappoint.

It’s a simple upload-and-share app. While there aren’t any fancy editing or palm-reading features, the app does have highly realistic aging software. You can compare photos of your grandparents with the photo of you and get a sense of how accurate the software is.

If you want more dramatic results such as thinned out hair or sagging skin, you can change the age settings in the software. In this way, you get a look into your old self as well as a good laugh with your friends.


To sum it up,  these apps are purely for entertainment. They’re fun to play with, whether you’re playing a prank on someone or just curious about your future self. With these five apps, you can easily see yourself as an old person. They all do the job well, being user-friendly and quick.

However, if you’re looking for a recommendation, our top pick is undoubtedly FaceApp. It not only has the best technology for facial changing but it also has the most photo-editing features.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with any of these apps. We hope our list was helpful and informative.

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