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Best Android Apps to Hide Apps in Your Phone

Everyone has the right to privacy, which, unfortunately, is impossible to get in this day and age. Many don’t have respect for people’s boundaries. Therefore, you need to take precautions if you have something you don’t want others to snoop around.

Keeping your phone safe from prying eyes is even more critical. Thankfully, you can enhance your phone’s privacy settings with app hiders. There are many Android apps to hide apps available on Google Play.

What are app hiders? In essence, these are apps that allow you to block access to selected apps, pictures, documents, and videos on your phone. As mentioned, there are many options, each with different features, out there.

Here are our picks for the six best Android apps to hide apps:

The Six Best Android Apps to Hide Apps From Intruders

With these picks, you can leave your phone unattended without worry. Even if you don’t have a lock screen, these apps help you hide sensitive information.

From financial statements to texts from your significant other, you can hide everything.

So, let’s take a look at the most top-rated apps out there:


Price: Free

Download Vault for PC

The Vault app turns your Android device into just that: a vault. It has many advanced features for enhancing your phone’s privacy.

For example, you can set a password to view certain apps or information. If you have bank statements on your phone, you can mark it as sensitive information, and no one, who doesn’t know the password, can access it.

The Vault app comes with a private browser, so you can keep your internet history safe. Moreover, it has a Stealth Mode, which makes app icons disappear from the home screen.

Consequently, if someone does look into your phone, they won’t see you have app locks without the password.

Also, if someone tries to break-in, the app sends alerts to your security email, letting you know immediately.

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Price: Free

Download Vaulty for PC

As the name implies, Vaulty is a similar app to Vault. Both apps allow you to hide pictures, videos, and apps. They both also offer you password protection.

However, there are a few key differences between the two. For one, Vaulty allows you to take snapshots of anyone who tries to hack into your phone. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

With this feature, you’ll know who doesn’t respect your privacy, whether it’s your sibling, parents, friends, or partner.

Another critical feature of Vaulty is its multiple vaults. Within this app, vaults act like folders. You can organize your data into different vaults, locking them up with different passwords.

In this way, you can keep your data safer.

App Hider

Price: Free

Download App Hider for PC

App Hider is easy-to-use and multifunctional with its app cloning and app hiding features. You can easily hide apps by importing them into the App Hider forum.

Moreover, this app mainly caters to like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. While you can hide other apps, it’s perfectly optimized for protecting your social media correspondences and history.

As for the cloning feature, you can copy each social media app onto App Hider. Unlike other app-hiding apps, you don’t need to keep the other apps on your home system after cloning.

Import the app/pictures/videos to App Hider and uninstall the app from your home screen. It won’t affect your ability to use each app. It will simply make your apps more secure.

Clock – The Vault

Price: Free

Download Clock – The Vault for PC

Clock – The Vault is an excellent phone privacy-protector. Of course, it comes with the classic password protection that features a password recovery option (in case you forget).

Additionally, it has:

  • Picture and video hiding functions
  • File locking capabilities (for storing sensitive documents on your phone)
  • Break-in alerts
  • A built-in video player (with HD quality)
  • Easy and customizable navigation

Apart from these, you also get fingerprint protection, something not all apps offer. Fingerprint protection, unlike passwords, gives you enhanced security.

The Clock – Vault app also has an Icon Hide/Replace option. This allows you to disguise certain apps into less suspicious apps like Calculators, Music, App Stores, etc.

Hide App

Price: Free

Download Hide App for PC

The Hide App is perfect for disguising your apps into something else. While other app-hiders give you this option, the Hide App specializes in fake calculator protection.

With the Hide App, you can:

  • Import apps
  • Run apps inside ‘vaults’
  • Restore apps from the ‘Hide App’ list
  • Set advanced security codes

The best part about this app is that background apps stop running. Consequently, since you’re using most of your apps through Hide App, you end up saving your phone battery and memory.

Also, since the app is only 4.7 MB, it doesn’t take up that much storage. This is ideal for those experiencing storage and memory problems.

Dialer Vault: App Hider

Price: Free

Dialer Vault is the ideal app for not only protecting your privacy but also saving your memories. The app has an extensive video and picture saving module.

Moreover, the app comes with its camera for taking and saving private pictures. Don’t worry, though. You can save each picture/video into a password-protected vault.

Apart from the Gallery Module, the app also hides:

  • Notifications/alerts from certain apps
  • Recently used apps
  • Frequently used apps

You can disguise the app as a standard calculator. However, ensure that you never forget your password. Accessing the app without the passcode is very difficult.

Also, the app is very easy-to-use, coming with an online tutorial and FAQ section. If you have any questions about the app, you can access the developer’s website.


In sum, these were the best Android apps to hide apps. If you truly value your privacy, it’s a great idea to try out one of these examples. After all, no matter how secure your home screen passcode is, it’s not infallible.

Therefore, app-hiding apps are an extra means of protection, one you can depend upon to protect sensitive and precious data.

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