best apps to measure room temperature

Apps to Measure Room Temperature

Gone are the days we used analog thermometers to measure the temperature outside. Now, all you have to do is unlock your smartphone and check the local temperature with a few taps on the screen.

But what do you do if you want to measure the temperature inside your room? You guessed it: temperature measuring apps! Such applications accurately measure how hot or cold your room is and also provide details of the local weather.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best temperature measuring apps available for Android and IOS.

Temperature Measuring Apps

So, how is it possible for an app to measure the room temperature? The answer depends on your smart phone’s hardware. If your phone has some form of temperature sensor embedded in it, you’re free to use any of these apps.

Even if there’s no such sensor, the apps can use your phone’s battery temperature to give you a reasonably accurate reading. Just be sure to rest your phone for a while before measuring the temperature.

Here are the top six apps that work this way:

Room Temperature By Master Technologies

Price: Free

If you’re looking for an app that’s simple yet incorporates some additional useful functions, go for this app by Master Technologies.

Click it open, and it will display your room’s temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, both at the homepage. You can also save the temperature and view it later on.

A single tap at the menu bar will show you different tabs. One of these is ‘Report,’ where you can view how the temperature in your surroundings has changed over time. For this to work, you’ll have to start recording the atmospheric temperature with the app, and it will keep track of it for you.

You can also view the current weather and forecast in your area. Considering its smooth user interface, we think it’s an app worth giving a try.

Home Temperature By DTW

Price: Free

Measuring the temperature of your room and looking back at the weather history should be easy and quick, which is exactly what this app does for you.

The main page displays the temperature of your device’s battery. Hence, all smartphones can make use of this app, regardless of whether it has a temperature sensor or not.

You can also view a temperature curve or graph on the main page after the app collects enough data. This makes things easier as you won’t have to save each day’s temperature manually.

The best part? You can add a colorful widget to your home screen that will display the current temperature of your surroundings. If you don’t mind the full-screen ads that often play while using this app, go ahead and check it out.

Sensors: Temp and Humidity by YD visual

Price: Free/$1.70

Even though this app is relatively more accurate, checking the temperature with it is not easy. When you click it open, the main screen displays a fairly complicated graph that displays the humidity and ambient temperature.

Plus, a large part of the screen has ads that play continuously. We recommend purchasing its premium version where the ad section is replaced by more useful data such as air pressure, battery details, and more.

Galaxy Sensors By Alessandro Digilio

Price: Free

Want to make use of your phone’s different sensors? Go ahead and install Galaxy Sensors, designed by Alessandro Digilio. It gives a nearly accurate ambient temperature reading while making use of your phone’s hygrometer and other sensors.

Tap open the app, and the main page will show you information such as the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, and even altitude. Pretty cool, right? You also have the option of personalizing its view and the units of measurement in the settings.

Plus, you don’t get intrusive ads with this app – they quietly roll at the bottom of the screen. Overall, it’s pretty easy to use, though it could have a more visually appealing display.

Thermometer By Mobital

Price: Free 

This is yet another app that uses your phone’s battery to measure the ambient temperature. Hence, it’s recommended to keep your phone at rest and not charge it right before checking the temperature. This will help record more accurate readings, though you can expect deviations of up to four degrees.

However, the good thing about this app is its weather tab, which opens up to a colorful and interactive page. While the main page is relatively simple, this one is stuffed with information and different options.

Here, you can check your region’s temperature, rain, winds, air quality, and tons more. We recommend you check this out if you’re interested in super detailed weather updates.

Thermometer Room Temperature By Events Zone Inc.

Price: Free

With an attractive yet simple layout, this app gets the job done without overcomplicating things. The main page clearly displays the inside and outside temperature with the help of your phone’s sensor and GPS.

Also, the app provides not only Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, but also Kelvin. Overall, in terms of customizability and functionality, you don’t get many options. But if you’re looking for a straightforward temperature measuring app with minimum ads, go for Thermometer Room Temperature.


It helps to keep in mind that the accuracy of these apps depends on how good your smartphone’s sensors are (if it has any.)

Nevertheless, they can surely give you an idea, if not accurate results, of what your surrounding temperature is. Before you invest in expensive external devices to measure the room temperature, make use of your smartphone first, and try out these free apps.

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