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AR Flashcards Space app makes planetary objects (almost) real

In March last year, we wrote about an augmented reality app for kids called AR Flashcards – Animal Alphabet, which involved printing out special markers and pointing your iPhone’s camera at them to see virtual animals.

Now developer Mitchlehan Media has released a follow-up that ditches the animals in favor of something more… galactic. The app is called AR Flashcards Space.

Instead of animals, your children will be looking at “10 beautifully rendered planetary objects” from the Solar System, complete with names and facts when they tap on the screen.

The flashcards can be downloaded and printed out (in color) from the AR Flashcards website, or displayed on another iOS device if you have one.

AR Flashcards Space costs £0.69 for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store and £0.63 for Android on the Google Play store.


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