Best Free Solitaire Game Apps for Android and iOS

Solitaire is a fun-filled leisure time activity for many of us. So whether you’re taking a break from your hectic daily routine, getting bored during an off day, or you want to enjoy the game for the love of it, a good solitaire application will help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

So, what are the best free Solitaire game apps for Android and iOS? Here are some options that you might want to try.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Platform: Android and iOS

Microsoft Solitaire Collection came out initially in 1997. Since then, the game has been part of every operating system launched by Microsoft. It won’t be wrong to say that Microsoft introduced this game to much of the audience and helped make a fan base for digital Solitaire.

Microsoft Solitaire has something nostalgic about it. Moreover, there are many variations, daily challenges and classic game rounds that give you a thorough gaming experience on your smartphone.

Freecell Solitaire by Brainium

Platform: Android and iOS

Freecell Solitaire gives a unique and elegant interface to work with. The idea is to build the four foundations in an ascending order going from Ace to King. Each foundation must have the cards from the same suite.

What makes it more interesting is the animated tutorials that guide the players about the rules and correct moves in the game. In addition, the gameplay and design are flawless, making it an appealing option for smartphone users.


Platform: Android and iOS

Solitaire has been a renowned game app for more than ten years now. As you move forward in the game, you will collect more points with each level. Drag or tap the cards to arrange them in descending order, ensuring that the cards are in an alternating color pattern.

It gives you customization options to change backgrounds and images on the cards, making it more fun.

Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold

Platform: iOS

Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold is a themed game where you win to provide access to the thieves to reach inside the rock. The game features scenic beauty, and there are queues to help you select the right cards.

As you collect and arrange the cards in the right order, the rock will open, giving access to the thieves to get inside.

Solitaire Pets Adventure

Platform: Android

Solitaire Pets Adventure gives a cute twist to Solitaire by adding pets to it. Moreover, its cartoonish 3D graphics and vibrant color palette make it an attractive option for smartphone gaming. In addition, the game offers classic Solitaire and Klondike versions.

There are several winning rewards, and you’re accompanied by a furry pet that helps you during the game. In addition, while the game app is free, there are many in-app boosters that you can buy.

King Solitaire – FreeCell

Platform: Android and iOS

King Solitaire-FreeCell is a classic game built on flash. The game has the same rules as the classic FreeCell game, but all the cards are already open here, giving it a slight twist.

Like the classic game, there are four blank cells to place a card temporarily as you keep building the deck to complete the game. Each deck starts with the ACE and goes all the way up to the King. It’s a simple design with clear and aesthetic visuals.

Tripeaks Solitaire

Platform: Android and iOS

Tripeaks Solitaire is a simplistic yet intriguing game where you must pile cards on a suggested card so that the new cards are one up or down. It’s a straightforward rule combined with intriguing graphics and sounds that make the gameplay more enjoyable, especially on a mobile device.


All the Solitaire apps you just saw are available for free and work with both or at least one from Android or iOS platforms. So if you’re looking for a simple free-time game on your phone, Solitaire is just the right option.

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