best make up apps for Android

5 Best Makeup Apps for Android

Applying makeup is an old age tradition.

With makeup, young women and older ones alike can enhance their looks and beauty for better appeal. However, makeup products are costly with high-end brands costing hundreds of dollars.

Although cheaper makeup offerings are available, they’re of poor quality and often have a myriad of issues.

Today, women apply makeup to appear better in pictures. You can apply makeup using makeup apps without using them physically.

The best Android makeup apps have made it easier to apply makeup virtually.

Americans, according to comScore, spend over two hours daily on their phone with millennials taking up to an hour extra each day. Brands can harness the time people spend on their phones to gain a competitive advantage.

Therefore, both consumers and cosmetic brands can benefit from using makeup apps for Android phones. Other benefits of using the best free makeup apps include:

  • Usable as a try-on service before buying an actual makeup product.
  • Users check how makeup looks on them to get what’s best-suited for their skin.
  • Access to personal beauty advice on makeup products, looks and custom regimens.
  • It’s possible to attain a sharp, new look in an eyeliner using facial-recognition technology.
  • Produces faux-photoshopped, realistic selfies.
  • Give access to personalized recommendations for makeup solutions based on skin color, eye and facial shape, face, etc.
  • Changes how women feel and look.
  • Helps first-timers choose the right products and gives them access to discounted offers.
  • Women with cancer can experiment with different new look to improve their confidence
  • Offers therapeutic benefits to women dealing with low self-esteem issues.
  • Users have access to new products to try and buy regularly due to introduction of technical updates and new looks.
  • Users can share what they “try on,” styles they’d like to try, save tutorials, get professional advice, follow like-minded makeup enthusiasts, and make comments on specifics.

Millennials make up the highest numbers of makeup app users. They often seek advice from peers despite hidden biases and generally reject the idea of one-size-fits-all with preference for customization.

Best Free Android Makeup Apps for You

Most makeup apps are based on augmented reality. The technology manipulates images in 3D imaging. It tracks points on the face to ensure that your makeup results are 3D and true-to-life.

With augmented reality technology, makeup apps integrate physical and digital worlds. The modern consumer likes to try or test products before making a purchase.


That’s exactly what they get from makeup apps for Android; trying-on products on their colors before making a buying decision.

Here’re top makeup apps to consider:

YouCam Makeup App

Price: Free

YouCam Makeup App for PC

With over 260 million users and more than 1 billion monthly visits, YouCam is a popular makeup app worldwide. Women use it to get the most suitable makeup and share photos on social media platforms.

Built with various makeup effects, the app can transform your looks or image in a few minutes. It offers professional makeup looks and comprehensive skincare analysis that users find helpful.

It provides the tips you need to eliminate wrinkles, spots, acne, dark circles, etc. and enhances your skin. The app features makeup from various big cosmetic companies to help you find out how specific makeup will look on you.

Use the app to modify your eyes, teeth, lips, eyebrows, and lips as a way of thanking the makeup app. 3D app accessories can even improve the look and appearance of your images.

The various accessories for your makeup app include:

  • Hairbands
  • Glasses

The two accessories give your images a sparkling look for perfect makeup experience. It also features a virtual mirror that requires access to a camera.


Price: Free

MakeupPlus for PC

Designed to curate the best makeup styles worldwide, the MakeupPlus app is bound to give you the best makeup apps experience. With a collection of hundreds of styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Enhance the appearance of your images with the addition of accessories to your makeup. Top makeup artists such as Nikkie Tutorials, Bretman Rock, Christen Dominique, Lisa Eldridge, and Angel Merino have makeover offers.

Based on market trends, you can use the app to search for the most suitable makeup for you. Designed for both beginner and seasoned makeup artists, take a selfie to touch up for a better general look.

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover App

Price: Free

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover App for PC

Mary Kay is a renowned beauty or cosmetics company. It manufactures beauty products for women. It designed the app for its fans or consumers to do makeup in a few minutes.

You can use the app to determine the right Mary Kay product that’ll look good on you for purchase. To get a real makeover at home, the app allows you to use the virtual makeup and effects so you can add the right items to your shopping cart.

With the makeup app for Android, you’ll be able to choose a suitable trend and style for your prevailing season of the year. If you don’t know the right style for you, the app will keep you ahead of your mates.

Put your face on “The Look” virtual cover of the app and share it with your friends on social media. If you’re unable to choose between a specific style and look, the app will give you the inspiration you need to pick the most useful makeup app.

What’s more, you can save edited photos on your phone’s gallery for social media sharing. It lacks in-app purchases or ads and is available for free download on the Google app store.


Makeup Genius

Price: Free

The app has makeup filters of varied stock selection to enhance your image in a few minutes. The brand behind the app is the L’Oreal Paris cosmetic company.

Instead of using a selfie camera, the app comes with a makeup mirror to use. Try on the various L’Oreal Paris products ranging from mascaras to lipsticks of different shades to find what suits you most.

Use it with the L’OrealDermCoach app to track your skin.

YouCam Shop

Price: Free

YouCam Shop for PC

YouCam is popular developer, hence has appeared twice in this list. The makeup app for Android has been developed to allow you to try on makeup and buy directly from the application. This eliminates the hassle of buying the products separately.

The app features top makeup brands, including promotions and offers to help you save on your purchases. It’s based on augmented reality (AR) to support application of makeup effects for close to real looks.

Access beauty tips from makeup tutorials and share with the global community of makeup fans, and learn from them. The interactive nature of the app makes it easy to share beauty tips and talk to other members.

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