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6 Best Music Apps to Listen Music Offline Without WiFi

Music has evolved over the years as mankind advanced.

With digital technology, music has become portable and more accessible for listening on the go. Digital devices and phones have replaced traditional ways of storing music in cassettes, vinyl or CDs for sale.

In the digital era, you can play and listen to music either through a streaming service or downloading files to play later. Streaming music involves listening to your favorite music directly from an online source or database.

Therefore, you need an internet connection to stream music online.

On the other hand, downloading music involves transferring digital audio files for storage in your chosen device such as a phone for playing.

Streaming services give you immediate access to the latest hits and timeless classics. However, you have to download your favorite songs to your device to listen to later when not connected to a WiFi network.

Whether you listen to music for better sleep or to soothe your broken heart, you’ll enjoy using offline music apps. Some benefits of offline Android music apps include:

  • You can listen to music on the go
  • Saves the mobile data you’d use to access streaming services
  • You can listen to your favorite music at any time even in places without WiFi or internet connection like when on flights
  • Eliminates issues associated with streaming such as connection problems, buffering, and slow streaming speeds

Here’re top offline music apps for your Android phone:

6 Android Music Apps You Can Use to Listen to Music Offline

1. Google play music

google play music screen 1

Google Play Music for PC

The default music player app for your Android device is Google play music. It auto reads music files stored on your micro SD and internal storage device media.

The player features a smooth interface for ease-of-use. The orange theme color with a white backdrop makes it stand out for easy recognition. Artist, traditional Playlist, Songs and Albums make up the music library categories.

Add your chosen widgets on the home and lock screen as you deem fit. However, unlike many other music players, this app lacks some finer attributes.

Use the Google music manager app for desktops to upload up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection. The songs become available from all your music devices using the same Google account for listening on the go.

You can stream songs with the app or listen to your uploaded songs offline without WiFi connections. With the album artwork, you can add more music files to your existing collection for endless listening experience.

The app auto selects your playlist and chooses the song to play next. If sound quality is important to you, you may not like the app because its music equalizers are limited in features.

2. Spotify Music

spotify music screen 1

Spotify Music for PC

Spotify is popular for playing digital music, explaining why it’s synonymous with digital music. The app provides all the features you’d need to enjoy listening to your favorite playlist. This explains why it’s a leading offline music app.

The music app offers a free subscription plan that enables you to enjoy listening to all kinds of music when connected to the internet without paying anything. The paid subscription doesn’t feature annoying ads as is with most free music apps.

The app is compatible with various devices for access to whatever music genre you’d want to play irrespective of your country. You can search for songs based on a song’s title or artist’s name, create a personal playlist, and download your favorite music for offline listening. The world’s best offline music player is only available for download and use without a WiFi connection if you buy the premium plan. The app is a must-have for all Android phone users.

3. Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player screen 1

Deezer Music Player for PC

Deezer is one of the best offline music apps with all the fundamental and basic features you need to enjoy listening to music without WiFi. It features a search feature to help you find your favorite songs based on titles and artist names.

Use the FLOW feature to discover new songs and artists.

The convenient features also make it easy to create a personalized playlist to sing along on the go. You’re able to download your favorite songs for listening later even when you don’t have internet access.

Just like most music apps, Deezer has a paid version for access to advanced features. The free version offers average sound quality. However, if you want better audio and sound quality, upgrade to a premium version.

Offline listening and automatic support for Android are available under the premium version.

4. Audiomack

audiomack screen 1

Audiomack for PC

Audiomack is the free music app you need to download, stream, and playback your favorite songs. Its orange and black theme is easy on the eyes. You can sort your music based on top 20 lists per country, genres, best of 2020, etc.

When a song of your favorite genre is uploaded, you get a notification on the Feed tab. You can also play a song as you download it. Artists upload songs on the web version of the app for free.

What’s more, you can play your songs offline and don’t require a paid version to enjoy the versatility of this app. However, the app showcases ads, which can be annoying. Upgrade to a premium version to get rid of the ads and access better streaming quality.

5. My Mixtapez music

My Mixtapez Music for PC

My Mixtapez offers the latest music mixes from your favorite artists and DJs. It supports over 10 million downloads of your favorite music genres.

Create a personal playlist, stream music online, choose your favorite music and albums, and download songs to play offline. The modern interface gives you access to the latest, trending and upcoming song albums.

Stream featured albums or download them for exceptional offline listening experience. Under the settings tab, you can alter your streaming and download quality or upgrade to a premium version.

The app gives access to an artist’s entire album to pick your song downloads. Although the app shows ads, it’s excellent for offline music listening without WiFi.

6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud for PC

SoundCloud is great for streaming music or downloading your playlist for offline listening. The best Android music app offers suggestions for songs based on your likes and trending lists on online music charts.

The social platform allows artists to upload and share their new songs for re-sharing across different social networks. It’s a great tool for young, upcoming artists to popularize their songs and get their names out there.

The large audience on the platform are bound to give you the popularity you want.


Music is food for the soul. Whether you’re into gospel music, soft soul or R&B, music apps have your needs covered. You can stream music when online from most apps and download your favorite lists for offline listening.

We hope that you found this list useful in your search for a great offline Android music app for listening to music without WiFi.

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