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5 Best Night Vision Apps for Android That Really Work

Do you like to take countless pictures from your phone just like we do? In today’s world, every person wishes to take beautiful pictures, but have you ever struggled to take good pictures at night?

Lighting plays a crucial role in taking good pictures. The picture you will take in the day time will turn out much better than an image you capture at night. So what is the solution?

For taking amazing pictures at night, you can use the night vision app. If you haven’t heard about the night vision app, it helps you take clear images even in minimum light. The results are much better than using a flashlight to capture an image.

No matter if you want to record a video or capture a view in the dark, a night vision app will do the job efficiently, even if there is barely any light.

If you think a night vision app will help you replace expensive gear, you are probably wrong! The night vision app can be used for casual photography; it is not apt for professional photography.

Now, if you are wondering how these apps work, they are no-brainers and pretty easy to use. All you need to do is download any one of the night vision apps. The app will use your phone’s camera and automatically converts it into a night vision.

You will find countless night vision apps on the Google PlayStore, but only a handful of apps work well. We have made a list of top five best night vision apps that work perfectly on any android device.

Color Night Vision Camera

Price: Free

Color Night Vision Camera for PC

Color Night Vision Camera app has all the necessary features you will need to capture images at night. The app takes pictures and videos in minimum or no light using the camera of your phone.

You can use the app for better image clarity as it offers histogram equalization and adaptive tiles. The app has color and RGB filters that allow you to improve the colors of the image. You can customize the exposure, brightness, and pitch level of the picture.

The Virtual Reality (VR) mode is one of the best features of this app. It has a zoom control, which allows you to focus on the desired location. Moreover, you can also see the geographical direction of the app.

NightVision Light

Price: Free

Unlike other apps, NightVision Light converts your screen into red color as soon as you open the app for better observation. The app will help you get the best results using minimum light.

If there is barely any light, the app converts your screen into white light instead of red color as it becomes difficult for eyes to focus in the dark. The feature is new and available in the updated version of the app.

Though the app works great in the dark, it has a few features only. You can adjust the red light brightness according to your preference. Also, it saves your preferred settings, so you don’t have to update it every time.


Price: $0.65

If you are looking for a night vision app with some extra features, Illumes has a lot to offer. The app has three different camera settings: night camera, standard camera, and a standard flashlight. Not only you can capture photos in the dark but also find hidden spots using a standard flashlight.

Illumes allows you to capture selfies with red, green, blue, and warm color effects in the dark. The interface is user-friendly, making it simpler to use for everyone. While capturing the photos and videos, you can choose the flash to either turn on or off.

In addition, you can also

  • Set a timer
  • Auto-focus
  • Zoom in/out
  • In-app gallery

All in all, this app is more than a night vision app.

Thermal Night Vision Color Filter Effect Camera

Price: Free

Thermal Night Vision Color Filter Effect Camera for PC

Would you like to add more filters to your pictures? If yes, Thermal Night Vision is the right choice for you. After taking photos in the dark, the app turns the images into different colors, which looks really cool.

The brighter pixels of the pictures are converted into yellow and red while the darker pixels are converted into lilac and blue. However, if you don’t wish to change the color, you can save the image without applying any effect.

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Price: Free

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo for PC

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo is another night vision app with thermal effects with additional features. If you like to experience augmented reality, this app is best for you.

The app has a flashlight torch in AR, which allows you to enable the thermal vision filter. As the app is three-in-one, you can use all three features at once. You have to turn on the vision filter and torch after opening the app so that you can use the augmented display in the dark.

Some other features include the change in brightness and effects. You may think the app is challenging to use due to its features, but the interface is quite simple to understand.


Sometimes you want to capture a moment, but you fail to do so just because of bad lighting. By using a night vision app, you can capture every moment no matter how bad the light is. With so many features, you can add effects, control brightness, and so on.

You can download any of the listed night vision apps to make your pictures flawless despite the darkness.

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