photo editing apps for Android

Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

We live in an era where everyone is stuck to their smartphones. Sharing a photo to the social media platform has become so common that we can assure there are no photos uploaded without a touch-up. Nowadays most of the social media apps come with built-in photo editors but sometimes don’t meet the requirement of the user. Be it brightening the photo or adding elements to the photo, a basic photo editing app is needed in a smartphone.

Who likes to go all the way to your computer to edit a photo? The apps in this list have most of the features that you need to edit on the go. And even few apps have features that go head to head with computer-based applications by providing features to edit RAW images.

Even though the apps might be feature-filled, there will be one differentiating factor for all the apps which will also be the deciding factor for you. Having tested the Best Android photo editor apps in the PlayStore, we have curated the top 10 photo editing apps to make things easy for you. So, don’t worry this article will exactly share with you the best photo editing apps for your Android smartphone.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed for PC

Snapseed is always the go-to and one of the powerful photo editing apps. No wonder Google bought the app a few years ago. This app is perfect for any beginner to start photo editing. All the photo editing features are super easy to access with super simple UI. Snapseed also lets you edit RAW DNG files which could be handy. This app is ad-free and also supports the dark mode feature. This app can do more things like text behind the main photo content which would look super cool for any type of social media posts.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express for PC

Adobe Photoshop is well known in the photo editing field. On the phone, it’s the same powerful app for easy retouches on the go. Intelligent filters make everything easy here right from shooting the photo to editing. The app is built with professional color grades to make your next social media post picture-perfect. It also has some artistic movies like looking filters which turns your boring photo into an amazing photo. The reflection feature in this app makes your photo even more interesting by flipping them in different directions and forms and making them a more futuristic type of photo.

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for PC

If you have ever edited a photo, Lightroom would be suggestions you will receive. Same way on the phone, you get the equivalent power to edit the photo. Right from exposure adjustment, color correction, Lightroom got you covered. And this app also comes with the RAW image support just like the photoshop express app.

4. PicsArt

PicsArt for PC

PicsArt has been one of the top photo editing apps in the PlayStore with over 500M+ downloads. With the included effects such as double exposure, collage, stickers, draw capability and more, PicsArt is packed with tons of photo editing features. This app also comes with a live photo effects feature which will let you play around.

5. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is the #1 paid app for photo editing in Android. This app is packed with the best feature which lets you remove unwanted content from your photo. Imagine clicking a beautiful picture but a wire is visible, that’s where TouchRecouch comes into action to save your beautiful photos from the unwanted content.

6. Facetune2 – Selfie Editor, Beauty & Makeover App

The name of the app might sound funky with a 2 behind its name but this is definitely one of the best selfie enhancers features packed with it. This app has dozens of filters to enhance your photos along with the basic tools to edit the photo right from tap to crop, fine-tune, blur, etc.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr for PC

An app that comes from a web-based tool called Pixlr. The team behind this app is AutoDesk who is very well known for Maya and many other tools. Talking about this app, it is one of the top-rated & popular apps in the PlayStore. This app is packed with a wide range of tools & effects and photo filters. The Auto-Fix feature in this app is of the best feature. It is also packed with normal features such as the overlay, draw, double exposure and more.

8. Prisma

Prisma for PC

Prisma is one of the interesting apps which works with Artificial Intelligence to apply artistic effects to your images. With over 300 styles, this app has the biggest filter library amongst all apps. Not just that, the App is updated every day with new filters to try out. The photo can be further enhanced after applying the artistic effect by changing the exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc.

9. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


VSCO is more than a photo editing app but a community of enthusiast photographers sharing their inspiring photos and videos. The app comes with advanced photo editing tools that allows you to get a premium color grade to get the exact feel, for example you can recreate vintage photo looks by Fuji, Kodak and more.

10. Google Photos

Google Photos for PC

You might wonder what this app is doing in this list but the Google Photos app is packed with some decent amount of features that allow you to edit your photos on the go. Right from autotune to color enhancement, this app has them all. This would be really handy as a media viewer app as well as a photo editing app.


There you go, we have shared with you the top 10 Best Android Photo Editing Apps you can download from the PlayStore. All the apps are free except for the TouchRetouch app. The basic features like adjusting the brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc are there in all the apps. The differentiating element is the filters and unique features which are present in some apps. The common thing between all the apps are the ADS, there are lots. Except for the Snapseed which is Ad-Free and has all the necessary features which one would require.

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