Best Snake Game Apps for Android & iOS

Playing Snake games is fun until you find yourself in an awkward situation. Of course, not all games are the same as every game has different gameplay and plot. I still remember the snake game played on my old Nokia device. It was so wonderful those days but now with the technological advancement, we’ve come a long way with games like,,, Snake V/S Block,, and many more!

That said, with these many options, it often leaves users like you confused as to which game to play and which one isn’t your type of game. But let me make it easier for you by listing some of the best Snake game apps that are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Best Snake Games for Smartphone Users

The below-listed games are my favorite snake game apps and I’m sure you will fall in love with them too once you start playing them.


With no lags whatsoever and the ability to get the snake bigger irrespective of the screen size is what makes the game most interesting. The longer you run, the more you eat the worms, the more you protect your snake from the obstacles, the more you win the games.

The graphics in most of the snake games are very much similar and in the game, the story isn’t different either. Just download the app, give any random nickname and start playing the game without registering it. That’s awesome as there’s no hassle of going through the signup or login process every time you play the game.

2. took the world by storm when it was released back in 2016-17. It was the era of snake games and it has made its mark as the best snake game to date. Due to the dark graphics, it is a unique snake game but the gameplay is similar to

With dark graphics, your eyes don’t get tired quickly, and this way you can play the game for more hours than the usual snake games. is available for Android and iOS users apart from playing the game on its website online.

3. Snake Vs Block

If you’re looking for a change in gameplay and want to add an additional layer of difficulty to the snake game, Snake vs Block is your way to go! Instead of just consuming everything and making your snake bigger, you also need to take care of the blocks that come your way.

Once you hit the block on your way, the game is over. Of course, it doesn’t end it at once but it shrinks to a smaller size when the snake hits the blocks. So the more you hit the blocks, the smaller the snake becomes and the higher are the chances to lose the game. So you need to be very smart in this game to sustain for a longer period.


This isn’t a typical snake game but the concept is very much similar to it. Instead of consuming pallets, here, you will consume cells. There are different colors of cells available in the game and it’s up to you which one to consume.

The larger your cell is the more the capability of your cell to consume the smaller ones around. Make sure you don’t collide with your competitors and if you do, and if your cell is smaller than the competitor, your game will end there itself. So keep your eyes open while you consume the smaller cells.

5. Snake 97

Oh Boy! Did you ever miss the Nokia 3310 Snake game? If yes, Snake 97 is just made for you! Of course, you don’t get a chance to play the game on a Nokia mobile but the layout of the game is such, it takes you back to the early 20th century where the Snake games on Nokia mobiles were a thing!

The dynamics of the Snake 97 game are very much similar to Nokia’s 3310 Snake game. Even the game controls are the same as the old Snake game. So what keeps you waiting? Relive your memories by playing this amazing Snake 97 game right away!

Final Words…

Snake games are easy to play and let you pass the time quickly if you’re getting bored. Given the easiness of the game, it can be played by any age group irrespective of gender. So which Snake game did you like the most from our list? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for more popular apps & games on Tarskitheme.

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