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Best Cartoon Yourself Apps for Android

Do you feel like your Instagram posts have become dull and repetitive? Well, cartooning yourself is an excellent way to switch things up a notch. By using the best cartoon yourself apps for Android, you can add a little comedy to your social media.

What’s best about these Cartoon Yourself apps is, you don’t require professional editing skills. They’re simply a fun way to amuse yourself and your followers.

These apps offer a series of caricature and sketch effects, turning your photos or videos from ordinary to animated.

If you’re on the lookout for the best cartoon yourself apps for Android, check out these picks.

Six Best Cartoon Yourself Apps For Android

Our selections have been picked based on their features, user reviews, and easy-of-use.

So, without further ado, let’s explore these apps.

Cartoon Yourself

Price: Free with in-app purchases

One of the first cartooning apps, ‘Cartoon Yourself’, set a precedent for others.

The app is highly popular among users because of its sketch filters and sticker options.

All you have to do is upload a photo or video and select a cartooning mode. It supports all photo formats, including jpg, .png, and .gif.

There are three cartoon modes:

  • Cartoon Sketch – it turns your photo into a sketch
  • Cartoon Drawing – it is more caricaturish
  • B&W Cartoon mode – it turns your picture into an old-timey animation (Think old school Mickey Mouse).

All in all, it’s a simple app with many essential features. While there are some bonus features, you have to pay for those.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

Secondly, we have the Manly app. As the name implies, this app is marketed more like a muscle and six-pack enhancer.

However, it’s a great photo editor with lots of ‘cartooning’ features. Manly provides users with more than 100 cartooning effects (both male and female).

Also, the app comes with dozens of stickers and tattoos, giving you many options to play with. If you like playing pranks, you can trick your friends into thinking you got a tattoo.

Apart from ‘cartooning,’ the app has many other features, allowing you to:

  • Change filters
  • Fix skin tone
  • Remove acne
  • Change hair color or hairstyle
  • ‘Beardify’ yourself

As mentioned, you can even enhance body parts using the muscle and body transformation editors.

After using the Manly app, you won’t disagree that it is an incredibly versatile and useful tool to have on hand.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

MojiPop for PC

MojiPop is very famous among users, thanks to its amazing stickers. How does the app work? Well, you just have to upload a photo or take one from its in-built camera.

Afterward, you have to select a sticker option, and the app will turn your photo into a cartoon sticker. You can then share the sticker or save it as an emoji.

To use the sticker as an emoji, you have to go into your phone settings and access the MojiPop keyboard. You can then send a cartoon emoji of yourself.

Sounds fun, right?

MojiPop has thousands of free caricatures and animated stickers for you to choose from. The app is also updated frequently, so you can expect more sticker options as time goes by.


Price: Free with in-app purchases/$9.99

Painnt for PC

Painnt is one of the best art filter apps for Android in the 2020 market. With Painnt, you don’t have to pay a graphic designer or artist to make a costly mosaic of yourself. You can do it for free with Painnt’s various high-quality art filters.

Additionally, the app design encourages creativity, allowing you to play with all sorts of:

  • Filters
  • Colors
  • Shades
  • Patterns
  • Backgrounds

The app has over 1000 filters to choose from, the most popular being Comic Book, Classical, Mosaic, Abstract, and Modern.

You can fine-tune each filter to your preference. Also, if you’re looking for tutorials and online help regarding the app, don’t worry.

With the app, you have access to the Painnt community, which is an online forum where Painnt artists share their work and chat with each other.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

BeFunky for PC

If you’re an avid photo editor, you must have heard of BeFunky. It’s an online photo editor and application, which allows you to make collages, graphics, animations, and stickers.

Like all apps in this list, BeFunky also has great cartooning features. You have access to unlimited cartoon filters and stickers, thanks to the ‘Photo Cartooning Booth’ meant for this purpose.

This booth offers as many as 32 photo overlays, including Pop Art, Chromatic, Sketch, and Old Photo.

However, this app has many other features. As mentioned, you can make collages with your friends and family. If you want to combine cartoon pictures into one, you can do so easily.

Also, you can rotate, crop, and edit photos. After all, BeFunky is an excellent photo-editing platform, with advanced:

  • Red-eye reduction
  • Acne/blemish fixes
  • Skin tone enhancement
  • Teeth whiteners
  • Blur fixer

If you’re looking for an advanced photo editor and cartooning app, we recommend BeFunky.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

MomentCam for PC

Last but not least, MomentCam is a spectacular cartoon and stickers app. It lets you make hilarious cartoons and emoticons from uploaded photos.

How does it work? Simply put, you have to upload a photo and select either ‘Cartoon’ or ‘Emoticon’.

After you’ve made your selection, the app gives you dozens of filters, backgrounds, and add-ons (such as glasses, hairstyles, and beards) to choose from.

In essence, you can completely customize your cartoon. The app is updated frequently and provides options for every occasion and regional pop-culture references.

For example, you’ll get amazing filters and sticker options for Halloween and Christmas. If you want to make a themed cartoon, you can certainly do that with MomentCam.


To sum it up, these were our six best cartoon yourself apps for Android. With these easy-to-use apps, you can turn your picture into a cartoon or an emoticon. Besides being user-friendly, these apps offer dozens of unique features.

If you’re looking for a fun yet creative way to pass the time, these apps won’t let you down. We hope this article was useful and informative.

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