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Endless Reader app has monsters, spelling and sentences galore

Have your kids played with the Endless Alphabet app yet? It’s brilliant: getting them to drag chattering letters into place in various words, before watching monsters act them out.

Now it’s got a sequel that’s just as fun: Endless Reader. It’s by the same developer, although it has changed its name from Callaway Digital Arts to Originator in the meantime.

The new app is partly the same: the monsters scatter the letters for a word, then your child drags them back into place. But this time, it takes another step: showing a full sentence that the word fits into. Once again, the colorful monsters act it out.

So, it’s a light and entertaining introduction to sentence construction, rather than just spelling. The monsters are as charming as ever, and while the words are shorter – the app focuses on ‘sight’ words that children can hopefully recognize on sightseeing how they fit into sentences is just the thing for early readers.

Endless Reader is a free download for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store, and for that, you get six words from a to f. Unlocking 20 more (i.e. the rest of the alphabet) requires a single in-app purchase of £1.49 by the parent. Originator says that more ‘reader packs’ will be added in the coming months.


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