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Best Fashion Dress Up Games for Android

Do you love everything that has to do with fashion?

If yes, you’ll enjoy playing fashion dress up games. This is true if you haven’t got your hands on Android fashion dress up games.

Based on various fashion stories, the Android apps mostly appeal to women and young girls. The apps feature mermaids, dolls, comic book heroes, princesses, and anime as the main characters.

With the fashion apps, you can do virtual shopping of clothes and shoes for your characters to dress them up in a style of your liking.

Additionally, you can benefit from downloading fashion dress up games for Android if you’re a boutique owner. These games can help you dress up your prospects to help them choose clothes and shoes that suit them.

In the latter case, you have to pay attention to each potential customer as they walk into your shop to help them pick the right clothes.

Alternatively, use fashion dress up apps to create a personal fashion collection to show off on a podium for appreciation. Even if you just enjoy playing dress up games for fun, there’s an app designed to meet your needs.

Top 5 Fun Android Fashion Dress Up Games for You

Whichever is your reason for downloading the best fashion dress up game for Android, you’ll find one in our list of the best fashion games. Here’re top 8 Android games for dressing up your favorite characters:

Covet Fashion

Download Covert Fashion for PC

Designed to help you create a distinct style, Covet Fashion allows you to dress up different models in varied shapes, sizes, and skin tones.

You’ll customize a model’s makeup, hair and clothes for a distinctive look. What’s more, you have access to clothes and accessories from top fashion brands to make your gaming fun and enjoyable.

The Android app gives you multiple challenges in different themes. It has unique requirements for dressing up models, giving you an opportunity to win rare clothes items and in-game currency.

As a fashion dress up game player, you can vote on challenges to find out the winners. Join Fashion Houses with the aim of socializing with other players on the app.

You can also play this game to win rare prizes. Choose clothes for your models from the various ones available.

Stardoll Stylista

Inspired by Stardoll, a web-based site for dress-up games and activities, this Android app is a mobile spin-off. Just like other fashion dress up games, you dress up various dolls or models in different hair and clothes.

However, you can also do makeup for your characters. Locate the unique runway to find suitable makeup and hair for your models.

Unlike most dress up Android games, Stardoll Stylista allows for unlimited customization of your character’s makeup and hair.

Choose makeup items piece by piece to give your models attractive yet unique looks. Pick an eye shadow, a lipstick, an eyeliner, etc. and apply on the face of your models.

You have access to lots of options when dressing your dolls on the app. Options for customizing the face of your characters are also many.

Additionally, you can choose a desired facial shape, eyebrows, nose, etc. When working on the runway, your dolls have the same body types. However, it’s possible to change the pose style of your doll on the runway for a beautiful touch.

Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen

Download Love Nikki Dress Up Queen for PC

Recently added to the Google Play Store, Love Nikki is new Android game for fashion lovers. Miracle Nikki, a popular game in Asia, is the inspiration behind this fashion dress up app.

The fashion app was translated to English to cater to a wider audience.

The dress up Android app allows you to dress up the titular character known as Nikki. It features a voice-acted story to play through and enjoy your gaming time.

The app also features competitions and free dressing, including special arenas for multiple players. With links to various virtual stores, you can buy the character new clothes to try.

What’s more, there’re special events based on time to look forward to every few weeks.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Download Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

Both a dress up and an RPG game, the fashion app starts you off as Kim’s assistant. With access to all kinds of hairstyles and clothes, dress up your avatar as you desire.

The app gives you the chance to work hard and climb your career ladder in the celebrity world. The dress up Android app guarantees you a glamorous life full of glitz just like Kim Kardashian’s in the real world.

Although dress up is just a small portion of this app, you’ll love the latest fashion trends featured. As you dress up your avatar in unique hairstyles, outfits and makeup, you climb the career ladder.

In turn, more clothes and fashion items are unlocked. Most clothes and fashion items resemble Kim’s in real life, making the app ideal for Kardashian’s fans.

Star Girl

Download Star Girl – Fashion, Makeup & Dress Up for PC

Do you prefer simulation games?

Star girl allows you to create avatars to dress up into celebrity personalities. Choose a singing, modeling or acting career for your model to dress up.

In that respective, buy clothes to dress the avatar and take it on dates with other celebrities on the app. The clothes catalogue has numerous beautiful and detailed clothing to choose from.

The feature for celebrity dating is interesting and captivating. Real celebrities have identical avatars in looks. Plan a date between your avatar and a virtual celebrity to call and hang out with at your home.

Male celebrities give female celebrities three types of gifts comprising of clothes.

Engage in mini-games featured on the app if you’re not into celebrity dating. What’s more, you’ll earn money to spend on more clothes for your avatar dress ups.

The fashion dress up app features a matching game, a candy/bejeweled crush knock-off and a spin-wheel game.


Other top fashion dress up games for Android include Fashion Story, Fashion Star Boutique, and Angela’s Fashion Fever. Fashion games are a great form of entertainment for young girls and ladies alike. It’s a great way to hone your design skills to become a super star.

The fun fashion games are also a great way to learn and keep abreast with the latest trends in fashion. Enjoy your fun gameplay.

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