Free Beekeeping Apps for Android & iOS

While all of us are busy bees in our own ways, some of us are buzzing a little more by actually keeping bees and hives.

But gone are the days of traditional beekeeping, where managing your hives was time-consuming and difficult. Instead, technology has made beekeeping easier than ever, starting with beekeeping apps on your phone.

That said, a lot of the top apps can cost a pretty penny. Don’t worry, though; that’s why we’re here.

So stick with us, and we’ll reveal to you our picks for the best free beekeeping apps for Android & iOS!

Top 5 Free Beekeeping Mobile Apps

Despite all the buzz surrounding them, beekeeping apps aren’t magical solutions that will automatically manage all your bees for you. Instead, they can help you automate certain aspects of the activity, such as keeping track of your hives.

In no particular order, here are the five best free beekeeping apps for Android and iOS:

Apiarist – Beekeeper Assistant

Platform: iOS

The Apiarist Beekeeper Assistant app is a great free app for iOS devices. Although the app is designed specifically for iPad, it works just as well with iPhone.

This app lets you manage several apiaries, hives, and harvests with a simple interface. Unlike some beekeeping apps, there’s no limit to how many you can have.

In addition to being completely free to use, Apiarist Beekeeper Assistant has no ads, subscriptions, or additional in-app purchases. This feature ensures you can maximize your focus on beekeeping without worrying about everything else.

One slight drawback is that the app only stores your data locally, on your device, rather than on the cloud.

Hive Tracks

Platform: Android, iOS

Hive Tracks isn’t just a beekeeping journal; it’s a sophisticated app that utilizes AI technology and climate science to make beekeeping eco-friendly and sustainable.

The app has some great features that are useful for beginner beekeepers and seasoned veterans alike. These include hive configuration, hive inspection logs, and even weather information.

Not only is Hive Tracks free to use, but it also has great support. The German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the University of Minnesota both provide funding and support for the app.

We recommend the app’s Community Intelligence feature for getting advice from more experienced beekeepers around your area.

Queen Calendar

Platform: Android

Raising Queens is an important skill for any beekeeper. But how do you best ensure her survival?

Enter Queen Calendar: the app that manages everything you need to do to rear a queen. Just enter the date where your queen starts her withdrawal, and the app will take care of the rest for you.

Queen Calendar makes it easy and convenient to track your queen’s development along each stage. It also provides you with reminders for tasks you have to do to take care of your queen.

The app won’t provide you with information on how to rear queens though, nor will it help you track your apiaries and hives.

Bee Scanning

Platform: Android, iOS

Next on our list is the Bee Scanning mobile app.

If there’s one thing every beekeeper hates, it’s seeing their bees die. Worse still is having no choice but to kill your sick bees rather than risk infecting others.

Fortunately, the Bee Scanning mobile app makes it simple to monitor your bees’ health and intervene where needed. The application uses an AI to analyze your bee images and detect any potential threat to your bees’ health.

The app is especially useful for detecting Varroa mites, one of the deadliest threats to bees today. So what better way to get rid of such pests than by automating their detection process with the Bee Scanning app?

Inspect Next

Platform: Android, iOS

Finally, we have the Inspect Next mobile app by HoneyTech.

Every beekeeper knows that the weather is either their best friend or their worst enemy when it comes to beekeeping. Unfortunately, the weather is often unpredictable, much like life itself.

The Inspect Next app tries to address this pain point for beekeepers by offering them insights about the weather. These insights help users plan beekeeping activities and inform them whether the weather conditions are ideal for a hive inspection.

Although the app is just limited to inspection advice based on weather information, it’s pretty good at what it does.


Beekeeping is an ancient practice but is evolving alongside technology.

These days, there are several beekeeping apps available on the market., most of which are paid. That said, the best beekeeping app doesn’t have to be the priciest.

Rather, when looking for a beekeeping app, ask yourself first what you need help with, whether it’s queen rearing, hive management, or weather advice. Once you do, you’ll be on your way to keeping happier bees in no time!

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