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Best Homework Helper Android Apps

Technology has taken the world by storm, and so is education.

Smart apps have redefined educational technology, making it possible to study online and get homework help.

On-demand homework help through apps allow students to redefine the learning tools with ease. You don’t just get homework assistance but answers too.

However, issues have been raised in regard to cheating among students using apps like the one that can solve mathematical equations with the click of your camera.

Teachers have been inspired to develop real-world homework problems that can’t be solved automatically.


The strategy doesn’t hold up to other applications designed to explore real-life brains for solutions. Here’re the best homework helper Android apps for you:

Top 7 Android Homework Apps for Students at Different Levels


PhotoMath for PC

The magic app is new and allows students to capture typed equations to get a step-by-step solution to a math problem.

Despite being available for free download, teachers have raised concerns regarding students using the app to cheat.

Instead, the homework help is all about teachers adapting to the new technology. The app has been well-received in the education industry with many positive reviews.

According to the company behind PhotoMath app, the tool wasn’t developed to support cheating. Instead, it’s for learning math but not cheating. Find another way to cheat if that’s your intention.

Google Apps for Education

Google has many free apps based on its browser. The internet giant allows you to sandbox your app for safe use. Google Apps for Education makes an ideal alternative to the mainstream software for productivity.

However, every school board loves this app available for free download. It integrates your favorite apps such as:

  • Google Sheets
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive with Classroom, Google Doc
  • A digital hub for assignment organization and transmission to get feedback.

The entire collection of apps ease learning, making it a collaborative process.

The cloud-based Google Apps for Education work both online and offline, making it ideal for homework help and distraction free learning.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS. As a result, you don’t have to buy costly hardware. You’re then able to set aside money to spend on other important things such as extracurricular activities.

The perk here is that you don’t need a costly smartphone to get help with your homework.


Slader for PC

Designed for college and high school students, Slader is a crowdsourcing online platform. You can post science and math problems to get them answered.

According to the Fast Company, most questions found in textbooks have already been answered in the app. Students can post their assignments to get help on the platform.

However, according to a high school in Illinois, the app has also been linked to cheating on math homework.

The app states on its blog that it challenges conventional ideas about education and math without writing-off teachers. It shouldn’t be seen as a cheating tool. Instead, it’s a channel for students to get real-time assistance for their assignments.


Are you a high schooler with classes that last eight periods in a single term?

If not, are you a college student with multiple credits to study? iHomework is designed to help you solve a mess of assignments. It tracks your work, dicing and slicing it in various ways.

The homework helper app sorts assignments by week, day, month, etc. Unlike a Trapper Keeper, the application is more organized.

It integrates data from Questia, making it possible to link your assignments with your reading materials. This eliminates the need to go through a huge pile of papers to get correct information.

Built with a feature for scheduling your homework, the app tracks your bi-weekly lab sessions. Moreover, you can mark your course locations on a map to avoid getting lost in your campus or school.

With support for iCloud syncing, you can store your data in the cloud for access from your Apple-compatible device. And, not necessarily your iPad.

Wolfram Alpha

Unlike PhotoMath, Wolfram Alpha offers help with advanced math for older students. It also doesn’t support capturing of math problems for solving.

The app is popular among college students because it displays solutions for differential equations and vector calculus problems step-by-step.

According to Conrad Wolfram, the Director of Strategic Development at Wolfram Research, homework helper Android apps cheat students out of actual conceptual understanding. It catapults them further in the math they can do based on conceptual ground.

He noted that “knowledge economy” is moving to “computational knowledge economy.”


The tutoring service is partly free and partly paid.

The app allows students to capture their assignments and send photos to their tutors. Individuals offering homework tutoring respond to questions fast.

If in a hurry, the app can help you expedite access to answers.

Initially, the app was barred from the Apple App Store; it was thought to foster cheating among students. Furthermore, cheating and using the app in the right manner are two different uses.

The app prohibits cheating as stated under its terms and conditions. It doesn’t solve homework with the phrases “Exam” or “Quiz”. Measures are in place to detect students trying to cheat in exams.

Homework Helper

Homework Helper & Solver for PC

Developed by Baidu, a Chinese Internet search company, Homework Helper allows students to crowdsource answers or help to their assignments.

Students post questions or photos of their assignments on the platform to get answers from other users on the forum. Whenever a question is answered, the user who provides the right answer receives e-coins redeemable for electronics such as laptops and iPhones.

The online forum has registered over 5 million downloads. However, some parents have argued that the app gives students less time to solve challenging problems.

Just like most apps, people relate the app to helping students cheat on their assignments.

Whether you’re a student or finding help for your young ones in regard to their homework, you won’t go wrong with the best Android apps for homework help.

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