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How to Root BlueStacks on Windows PC

If you’re here to root your BlueStacks Android emulator, you probably know what BlueStacks can do on your Windows PC. It lets you to play all your favourite Android games on PC. Well, cutting off the basic information, let us get straight to the point.

Not all emulators are rooted just like BlueStacks. Of course, few of the Android emulators for Windows are rooted by default but they aren’t stable either. So once BlueStacks is rooted get ready to face some hiccups every now and then. It’s not recommended to root any emulator but few apps need rooting to run on Windows PC, it becomes a necessity.

Why You Must Root BlueStacks?

Well, there are several reasons why you must consider rooting BlueStacks even if it’s not stable later on. Here are few of them!

#1. Edit Apps!

Rooting an Android device helps you to edit the APK files of the app/game so that you can modify the code according to your needs. The same goes with BlueStacks too when you root it. You can easily create some hacks in a game by rooting your device.

#2. Using Penetration Testing Software

To run this kind of software, the system needs to be rooted. Apps like Wi-Fi hacking comes under penetration testing software and to make it work perfectly, you need to root BlueStacks.

#3. No Promotional Ads

Of course, BlueStacks doesn’t have any advertisements running in the background or within any apps; there are few promotional ads of BlueStacks itself that can ruin your gaming experience. To get rid of such situations, it’s important for you to root BlueStacks. Once done, you will not see any more promotional ads of BlueStacks.

There are many other limitations removed when you proceed with rooting your BlueStacks. Let us now show you the detailed guide on how to root BlueStacks.

Root BlueStacks Using BSTweaker 5!

Before you start this, make sure you have already installed BlueStacks on your system. Once done, here’s how you can get started!

Step #1.

Launch BlueStacks and head over to Google Play Store. Now search for Root Check App and install it on your BlueStacks.

install Root Check App

Step #2.

Open the Root Check App and it will now show you the Root check result as Not Rooted as shown in the picture below.

Root check result as Not Rooted

Step #3.

Download BSTweaker 5 directly from here. Once done, extract the Zip file and click on the BlueStacksTweaker5 .EXE File to start BlueStacks Tweaker.

Step #4.

Once you open BSTweaker 5, in the Main Tab, click on Full Stop BS if the BlueStacks is already open or click on Force Kill BS if the emulator is running in the background. Wait until you see Force Kill:True at the left corner of your screen and then proceed to the next step.

BSTweaker 5  Force Kill BS

Step #5.

Now head over to the Root tab in BSTweaker and click on the Unlock option. As we’ve already rooted our BlueStacks, the Unlock option isn’t showing up but for you, it will be available. Wait till the 100% mark at the bottom of the screen.

BSTweaker unlock option

Step #6.

Once done, click on Start BS under the Main tab of BSTweaker 5. Wait till the BlueStacks is launched completely.

BSTweaker 5 start BS

Step #7.

Now when the BlueStacks is launched, go back to BSTweaker’s Root Tab and click on Patch option. Hold on until you see Patch:Success:True at the bottom of the screen (as shown in below picture).

BSTweaker’s Patch Success True

Step #8.

Once you’re done with patching in BSTweaker, get back to BlueStacks and launch Root Check app and check the Root status as you did in the step #2. As you’ve already rooted the BlueStacks using BSTweaker 5, it will now show the Root check result as “Rooted.”

BlueStacks rooted using BSTweaker

We hope you are now clear about how to root BlueStacks on your respective Windows computer or laptop.

Closing Thoughts!

There are many other ways to root BlueStacks using BSTweaker but this is the simplest way of all. If you’re planning to use BlueStacks Tweaker regularly, here are few videos from the developer himself which you must check out.

If you ever face any issues while rooting BlueStacks, do let us know in the comment section below. And if you loved our guide, do share it with your friends!

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