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Get snappy with Kapu Tickle Toy Camera app

For an increasing number of children, their first camera may well be an iPod touch (or a parent’s iPhone or iPad) – and one that they may be using at a much younger age than our generation would have been allowed near a camera.

The potential is intriguing, especially with children’s apps designed to make use of an iOS device’s camera. A good new example is Kapu Tickle Toy Camera.

Developer Kapu Toys describes it as “a super-fun toy, which combines classic kids games and toys such as peek-a-boo, tickle tag and the jumping-jack puppet with modern technology”, which sums it up neatly.

It’s based around cartoon dolls, who can be changed by pulling their virtual strings. But the camera can then be used to put your child’s face onto the doll or to see the character dangling in your real-world surroundings – simple but fun use of augmented reality technology.

Kapu is keen to stress that there’s no “wrong” way to use the app: it’s an open-ended digital toy. “There are no high-scores, time limits or difficulty levels,” explains the App Store listing.

We love the idea, not least because amid the fun, it will get your kids familiar with using the camera, which will come in handy when they start wanting to take photos without a tickly monster in.

Kapu Tickle Toy Camera costs 69p on the App Store, in separate versions for iPhone and iPod touch, and for iPad.


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