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Best Karaoke Singing Apps for Android

Not all music enthusiasts can afford professional singing instruments to practice their skills. What you need is a karaoke app if you have the talent but cannot muster up the funds to begin your singing journey.

Karaoke apps give you a  platform to sing along with your favorite pre-recorded songs. You simply have to synchronize your voice with the music and record your own songs. Some apps even provide the lyrics to help the singer and allow you to share your recordings with your friends.

Sounds exciting? Read along to find the best karaoke app for yourself.

Karaoke Singing Apps – Our Top Picks

When you search online, you’ll find a long list of karaoke apps available. This makes it challenging to find out the right app.

Don’t worry, just yet. We’ve rounded up the best karaoke apps for Android so that you can start your singing journey right away.


Price: Free

Download Smule for PC

When you search karaoke apps on PlayStore, Smule is probably one of the top suggestions you’ll see. It’s a popular karaoke app with trending songs and their lyrics in multiple languages.

With Smule, you can get famous online by making your casual bathroom singing videos into professional musical pieces. It has a pitch correction system that helps you stay on track with the music while you’re singing.

Besides that, you can conduct duet song recordings with your in-app friends. What’s more, you can get creative and record duet videos with your favorite singers. These include famous names like Jessie J and Ed Sheeran!

The best part is, Smule encourages originality. Not only can you try out existing songs, but you can create your own songs as well.

Overall, Smule provides an excellent platform for people who want to get their passion out to the masses.


Price: $3 per month

Yokee is another popular, easy-to-use app for aspiring singers. What makes this app attractive is the well-designed interface that makes it accessible for beginners.

Like Smule, this karaoke app is not free to use. However, it has good reward programs that help you earn in-app coins to cover the cost. You can get these coins by watching advertisements and listening to specific music recordings.

Furthermore, the app makes it easier to record songs in your own voice. With each song, you can see the lyrics displayed in front of you, which means you don’t have to memorize everything by heart.

But, some users complain that Yokee’s songs collection isn’t diverse. So, if you have a unique taste in music, there’s a chance you won’t find the songs you need.

Nevertheless, the app has excellent features to refine your recording. These include voice effects such as echo and reverb, to make your recordings more interesting. You can also share your performances with the in-app community and create a modest fan-base for yourself.

Red Karaoke

Price: Free

Download Red Karaoke for PC

Red Karaoke lets you personalize and enhance your music recording experience. You can create your own profile page on the app, with your picture in the background to reach out to your fans.

Besides that, you can choose the font size of the lyrics and also highlight your favorite music genres and artists.

With Red Karaoke, you can give a professional touch to your song recordings. You can add a wide array of video effects, filters, and sound effects to put out the best version of your performance. Also, you can balance the audio and video for accurate synchronization.

The app posts 20 complimentary songs every day so you can record them for free. Moreover, with the VIP version, you can get access to over 50,000 tunes from its database.


Price: Free

TuneWiki is known for its vast selection of songs in over 40 different languages. Yes, it’s a karaoke app that will work for you no matter which language you prefer. You can get your lyrics translated, so it’s easy for you to sing confidently.

Furthermore, TuneWiki updates you on the latest trends in the music world through its real-time top charts category. You can create your own recordings of trending songs and attract followers easily.

Besides that, this karaoke app has a SongBox system that lets you socialize with fellow singers online. You can share your recordings, chat, and even discover new songs recommended by them.


Here’s the best part; you can create your personal playlist on the app as well. This way, you can quickly access the songs you love and sing them with your friends.


Price: Free with ad support

Download SoundHound for PC

SoundHound is a fun karaoke app through which you can find, record, and share your favorite songs. What makes this app unique is its music recognition system. This feature lets you search for the songs by entering a part of the lyrics or just humming the tune.

Apart from that, you can view the lyrics to any song you like and record it in your own voice. After you’re done performing, show your talent to the world by sharing your recorded videos on social media.

Besides the song, you also get other interesting details about it from the app’s live server.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download StarMaker for PC

Starmaker is a go-to Android app for people who love being in the spotlight. Unlike other karaoke apps, this one only lets you sing along and record trending songs. You can choose from its list of top artists and feel like a star while singing.

Moreover, you can edit and enhance your performance to make it interesting for viewers. You can add sound effects and filters to create catchy and professional videos.

What makes the app different from others is its voice enhancement feature. It helps you regulate the quality of your karaoke performance and refine your abilities as well.


That wraps up our list for the best karaoke singing apps for Android. These apps have great features to bring out the best in your singing skills. Additionally, all of them are easy to use, so if you’re a beginner, you can jump right in to practice.

However, look out for your own needs while choosing an app for yourself. Most free apps have all the features you’ll need to get started. But, if you’re looking for a specific genre of songs or high-quality voice enhancement features, you should consider investing in a paid app.

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