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LeapFrog releases Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil app

LeapFrog is a well-known brand for parents thanks to its various electronic learning toys. It’s doing more in the apps world too, with Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil its latest release.

Available in separate versions for iPhone and iPad, it’s designed to work with the Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil stylus accessory. The app is aimed at 3-6 year-olds who are learning to write (or practicing their skills once they have).

It’s as much a game as an educational app, as kids help Mr. Pencil transform the town of Doodleburg for its Art Day:


“You will use your Pencil-tastic writing and drawing skills and get stroke-by-stroke guidance while writing letters, numbers, and shapes, as well as instant feedback,” explains the App Store listing. “New animations, sounds, and special decorations come to life as each activity is completed.”

There are 24 locations to unlock and more than 85 activities to complete within the app, covering uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z, as well as numbers from 1 to 20, and 12 shapes. Up to three kids can save their progress within the app, too.



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