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Medieval Math Battle app mixes maths and monsters

The most popular app genre by far for children is games, which has made some parents and teachers concerned that they’re just playing rather than learning. But there’s no reason kids can’t do both.

The latest app trying to make this possible is Medieval Math Battle, an iOS and Android app from developer SpinFall that mixes maths with features you’d usually see in roleplaying games.

“Learning math facts has never been so dangerous! Use your brain and brawn to defeat dragons, goblins, trolls, and many other treacherous beasts. The faster you answer, the stronger your attack. Knowledge is power!” explains its app store listing.

The game increases in difficulty as your children play, with the suggestion being that kids spent 15 minutes or more a day practising their skills. We’re guessing the age range is around 9-12ish, although possibly earlier for keen junior mathematicians.

Medieval Math Battle is a free download for iPhone and iPad, and a free download for Android. You get the additional part for free but then pay via in-app purchases to unlock subtraction, multiplication and division for £1.49 each ($1.99 in the US).

The game also uses a virtual currency – gold – which is earned from battles but can also be bought. Our advice, as ever, is to ensure you’ve had The Talk about in-app purchases with your child, to avoid any nasty surprises on your next credit card bill.


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