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MEmu Player Android Emulator for Windows

MEmu Player is one of the most underrated Android emulators for some reasons. We couldn’t find the exact reason but instead, we enjoyed playing our favorite games like Clash Royale, Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival, Call of Duty: Mobile and a lot more action-packed games!

The gaming experience was simply amazing without any lags or emulator crashes as it happens with most of the other Android app players. MEmu Player’s interface is pretty much similar to that of NoxPlayer emulator. This Android emulator comes with enhanced OpenGL and DirectX 3D rendering effects which give you stunning graphics and video quality on the larger screens!

That being said, user interface and graphics are not just the notable features of MEmuPlay, in fact, there’s a lot more to be known.

Features of MEmu Play Emulator

Let us now look at some of the features that will be loved by hard-core gamers like you!

#1. Operation Recorder!

This feature is pretty much similar to Macro Recorder in NoxPlayer emulator. All you have to do is record a gaming operation which is repeating or you want to perform it again in a particular game. Open the operation recorder option from the toolbar on the left and start the recording.

Once done, you can stop it and make some advanced settings like loop control, acceleration, intervals and a lot more. Save the recording and run the script when you play the game again. This makes it easy to skip those repeating tasks that are to be performed every time you play that particular game on MEmu emulator.MEmu Play Operation Recorder

#2. Multiple Instances!

Playing multiple Android games on PC is not everyone’s cup of tea! And this is why multiple instances feature isn’t used by many newbie gamers. Of course, the hard core gamers love to explore the new things in MEmu player when updated. Just click on the Multi-MEmu icon which is created after the successful installation of MEmu Play emulator on your Windows PC or laptop. Or you can simply use the toolbar in the App Player to get started!

Open the Multiple Instance Manager and click on New at the bottom of the screen to add as many games you want to the MEmu Player. Make sure that you don’t play more than 5 games at once else, your system may start running slow. Of course, if you have a gaming PC you can test as many games you want to.

MEmu Play Multiple Instances

#3. Smart Key!

Smart Key is one such technology which isn’t available in most of the Android emulators for Windows we’ve used so far. It works on the image detection technology wherein the keys are displayed on the screen depending on the images displayed on the screen while playing the game. Be it a Map button M, Esc button, or F button which is usually used to close the doors, once you start playing the game, the emulator detects the images in the game and assigns the smart keys so that you just have to tap a key to perform an action.

Every single action has a dedicated button and when you play a FPS game, this is going to be very useful. However, not all games have Smart Key support except a few like Call of Duty, PUBG, PUBG Lite, Free Fire, Life After, and Brawl Stars. More games will be added soon with Smart Key support with the latest update of MEmu Player.

MEmu emulator Smart Keys

#4. Smart Controls!

Not all emulators were perfect with mouse and keyboard controls. But as the time passed, a lot of improvements were seen in the MEmu emulator with regards to gaming controls. Be it key mappings or Joystick setup, everything can be done within a matter of minutes! It’s very easy to do it for a gamer that is addicted to emulators.

Apart from these technical ones, all the basic features that an emulator must have are available in MEmu Play!

How to Download MEmu Play on Windows PC?

Here’s a simple guide on how to download and install MEmu player on Windows 10, 8, 7 computers or laptops.

Step #1.

You can download MEmu Play in two ways. One is with an online installer and another is with an offline installer. Here are the download links:

MEmu online installer

MEmu offline installer (450 MB File Size)

Step #2.

Once the download process is completed, start the installation process of MEmu Play on your Windows by clicking on Install Now! It will now ask to Agree terms and conditions, simply click on I Agree to proceed.

install MEmu Play emulatorStep #3.

As we’ve used the online installer of MEmu Play, it will show something like this during the installation process.

online installer of MEmu PlayIf you want to skip this online installation, you can directly download the MEmu Player offline installer file from step #1. We’ve noticed that the offline installer gets installed quickly. Here’s how the offline installation process gets started!

Step #4.

This now completes the installation process of MEmu Play emulator. On the homepage of the emulator, click on Google Play icon and it will now ask you to sign-in. Click on Sign-in option and proceed with your login credentials.

MEmu Play sign in to google play

Step #6.

Once done, you can now launch the Google Play store to find your favorite games and download them right away.

This completes the installation process of the MEmu emulator on your Windows PC. Let us now have a look at the system configuration requirements for MEmu Play emulator.

Minimum System Requirements for MEmu Player

Operating System: Microsoft’s Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64-bit)

Processor: 2 cores x86/x86_64 Processor (Intel or AMD CPU)

RAM: 2GB of RAM for 32-bit and 4GB of RAM for 64-bit

Hard Disk Drive: Minimum 5GB Free Space.

Recommended System Requirements for MEmu Play!

If you want to make sure that there are no crashes or lags in MEmu Player, here are the recommended system requirements you must follow.

Operating System: Microsoft’s Windows 10 with virtualization technology enabled

Processor: Intel i7 or above and AMD Ryzen 3 1300X or above.

RAM: 8GB or higher

Hard Disk Drive: SSD or 10GB of free hard disk space.

Note: Ensure that your graphic drivers are updated or you can change the graphic card if you’re facing compatibility issues.

Closing Thoughts!

As compared to Bluestacks and NoxPlayer, we felt that MEmu player is a bit slow when it is launched. But once it gets into the zone (gameplay), it’s a real beast! Download MEmu player Android emulator on your respective Windows computer or laptop today!

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