Nosy Crow’s second app is live: Cinderella (review)

If you haven’t used Nosy Crow’s iOS book-app The Three Little Pigs yet, you’ve missed out on a treat. Yes, there are dozens of versions of that particular fairytale, but it’s the most well-crafted and engaging of the lot. And now it’s got a sequel.

Cinderella went live on the App Store this morning, and while it’s recognizably cut from the same cloth as the previous app, it adds in new features and interactivity. In short, it’s a real treat.

You know the story: poor rag-clad Cinderella gets pushed around by her sisters and stepmother, meets a fairy godmother, goes to the ball and (a few slipper complications notwithstanding) wins her prince.

It’s beautifully presented here, with plenty of interactivity – whether you’re helping sweep up the kitchen, hunting for coach-mice or tapping on the happy couple to make them pop a Bollywood dance routine in the ballroom.

As with The Three Little Pigs, the voice narration is provided by children, which works really well. It also bears up to repeat usage too: I’ve been testing it for a couple of days, and there’s something to spot every time. One of the best bits is the use of the front-facing camera on your device: when there’s a mirror, your child’s face will be looking back at them as they peer into the screen.

The music, the animation and visuals, the dialogue… Cinderella is a marvelous piece of work. And well worth the £2.49 Nosy Crow is charging on the App Store – although there’s a Lite version too, if you want to try it out.


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