Now iPad gets Kids Discover Cells and Extreme Weather apps

Earlier this week, we wrote about some interesting iPad apps from a company called Kids Discover, teaching children about Antarctica, Galaxies and Washington D.C. Now they’ve launched another couple.

Kids Discover Cells and Kids Discover Extreme Weather are both now available on the App Store, with a similar design to the existing apps.

That means a stylish mixture of 3D models, video, audio, photos, text and quizzes/games. For the Cells app, the content focuses on “how cells gather fuel, create energy, grow, and reproduce, with interactive cross-sections of a cell, animations of mitosis and meiosis, and a spinning double helix”.

Meanwhile, the Extreme Weather app covers “the most extreme forms of weather on Earth, with an interactive cross-section of a hurricane, high-definition videos of tornadoes and lightning, and the science behind climates of extreme heat and cold”.

We like the look of both apps, which are aimed at 7-12 year-olds. Both cost £1.99 on the App Store, and are iPad-only.


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