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Best Piano Learning Apps for Android

If you have an interest in playing the piano, you should learn the tricks to get a leisure time activity. Do you think only expensive classes can teach you the art of playing piano? If yes, then you are wrong.

Thankfully, technology has made learning the piano easier for us. If you are unaware of the right platform for continuing your passion, you are in the right place.

In this article, we have shared reviews of piano apps for Android that you can play anywhere and fulfill your dream of playing the piano like professionals.

Piano Learning Apps: Our Top Six Picks

Let’s take a look at the best piano learning apps so that you can find the right one.

Virtual Piano Trainer

Price: Free

Virtual Piano Trainer for PC

Virtual Piano Trainer offers amazing piano lessons. The best part is that you can choose from three difficulty levels. Whether you’re an amateur or you want to refine your piano skills, this app has an option for all.

You can also adjust key labels, signatures, and choose how many octaves are displayed. Not only this, when you download Virtual Piano Trainer, you can also learn how to read sheet music.

Well, if you are annoyed with the ads and pop-up on android apps, then you’ll love this app as it has no ads to distract you from learning..

In short, it’s an all-in-one solution to piano lessons.

Pianist HD: Piano +

Price: Free

Pianist HD: Piano + for PC

Practicing piano lessons has never been easier. With Pianist HD: Piano +, you can learn to play the piano according to your own style and pace. You can also learn about chords and music notes, which adds to your knowledge. This app offers HD graphics, 128 musical MIDI instruments, and around 50,000 songs in the music library.

You can even connect to your piano and keep learning while implementing it in reality. In the magic tiles mode, you can enhance your timing by clicking at the right falling notes at the right time. Moreover, you can enjoy multi-user modes, record your performance, and share it with your friends.

Wait, there is more to this brilliant app developed by Rubycell. It offers different 88-key piano keyboards like Concert Piano, Digital Piano, Vintage piano, Piano keyboard, etc. We are sold with these amazing features, and we bet you’ll love it too.

Flow Key

Price: $19.99/mo

Flow Key Learn Piano for PC

Are you looking for the best piano app with unique features that makes piano lessons fun? This app does all the tricks for you. It’s a multi-functional app, which offers a complete introduction to piano, as well as offers a grip on piano posture, music theory, and sight-reading.

You can attach the keyboard or piano and continue having a real experience. You can choose from a range of songs from classical, film, rock, and different moods like happy and depressing notes. Other than this, this app includes mid-level to expert-level pieces.

This app is designed for people who aren’t interested in reading sheet music.

You can also set the speed of a song, whether you want to learn in slow mode or fast mode. Also, Flowkey gives feedback if you are playing the correct notes, making the learning more effective.

Perfect Piano

Price: Free

Perfect Piano for PC

Perfect Piano is developed by Revontulet Soft and is one of the best piano apps we have tried. This app offers a sensitive touch feature, which allows you to play tricky songs as well. It also offers dual row mode, single row mode, and multi-user option, in case your friend wants to join you and learn piano together.

Perfect Piano also gives lessons that are very helpful in learning the tricks to play the piano. The keyboard comes with 88 keys, plus you get classic Grand Piano in the collection of 20 other song options. Another exciting detail is that this app offers MIDI keyboard and MIDI recording features.

Not only this, but you can also record your songs and share them directly through your device. So, if you want to share your piano skills on Instagram or send it to your friends on other social platforms, you have the right application now.


Price: $9.99/ month for each instrument

Yousician for PC

If you want to try an app that offers a greater value than regular piano learning apps, go for Yousician. What makes the app more exciting is, you can learn the piano with guitar, bass, and ukulele.

Yousician provides feedback on your accuracy and timing after listening to your instrument performance. It’s like having a personal piano teacher on your Android device. The app supports a music library with 1500 song choices and challenges for you to try.

Moreover, you can also find video learning sessions, which makes learning easier. What do you think about it? If you ask us, we find it outstanding.


Price: Free (additional charges for in-app purchases)

Synthesia for PC

We have another app that makes learning the piano more fun. Try Synthesia for connecting to the world of piano techniques. It’s more like a game; still, it hits the right notes in teaching the skills.

You can either start playing on the touchscreen mode or connect a digital piano with the Android device. The task is to synchronize with the notes that fall down by touching the keys. If you are thinking about the library, Synthesia waves away all your worries by offering many song options.

With all those, we can say without a doubt that it’s a nice app to try and learn piano in a playful mode.

Final Words

Now that you know all these amazing apps for learning piano on Android, try them and find the perfect one for you. You need to be passionate about learning this skill; otherwise, these apps won’t do any good for you.

Lastly, practice as much as you can using these Android apps as a piano is a technical instrument, and practice polishes your skills. So, download these apps on your phone and start today. Let your modern pianist soul churn its love for playing the piano with these smart apps.

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