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6 Tips to Speed Up NoxPlayer on PC

When we compared various emulators, we found that Bluestacks and NoxPlayer were amongst the fastest Android emulators so far (on our systems at least).  But when we tried to run several other programs or apps along with NoxPlayer, it slowed down a bit and it’s obvious. Other than that, there were times when we faced a lot of lags and speed issues while we played some heavy graphical games. This is where we started optimizing the speed issues of NoxPlayer.

Just like other users, we faced this problem while playing PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile for the first time on NoxPlayer. For a moment we thought, it’s because of the game size and the graphics involved but later when we fixed the issue we realized that there’s a lot more involved in the process of speeding up NoxPlayer.

How to Speed Up NoxPlayer?

Here’s what all you need to follow in order to speed up NoxPlayer!

#1. Reconfigure RAM and CPU in NoxPlayer!

By default there’s very less RAM allocated to NoxPlayer and you need to reconfigure it in order to get smooth gaming experience on the emulator. To allocate more RAM and change the CPU configuration, here’s what you need to do!

  • Launch NoxPlayer and head over to the Settings option from the top right bar.
  • Now click on Performance Setting, and select the Custom option from the drop down.
  • Change the CPU cores as per your system configuration.
  • Next, allocate at least 2048 MB or 2GB of RAM to NoxPlayer. You can configure 4 GB RAM too if your system is having 8 GB RAM.
  • Click on Save Settings once you have done the above

This will now allow NoxPlayer to use more RAM and give a stable gaming experience.

#2. Close Unwanted Programs on Windows!

Make sure you close all other apps before you start playing games on NoxPlayer. It will ensure that most of the resources are allocated to only NoxPlayer. There are many apps like Chrome that use maximum RAM when running in the background. You can simply close the app or completely stop the program by using Task Manager.

close apps from task manager

Open Task Manager and right click on the particular app and click on End Task. That’s all you have to follow in order to close more apps or programs in a similar way.

#3. Clear Cache of NoxPlayer Emulator

Just like your Android smartphone needs regular cleaning of cache to run smoothly, NoxPlayer too stores a lot of cache data in the system. Sometimes, just by clearing the cache, the lag issue can be solved. This is pretty simple to implement.

settings in NoxPlayer

  • Open Settings from the tools box on the NoxPlayer home page and select Apps option from it.
  • Now head over to All tab and select Media Storage.
  • Next, click on Clear Data icon and click on OK if there’s any confirmation pop-up.

This will now clear the cache of NoxPlayer and we hope your emulator will work fine after this! You can also clear each app’s or game’s cache separately as you usually do on your Android devices. It’s pretty simple to be honest.

#4. Update Graphic Card Drivers and NoxPlayer!

It’s often observed that a lot of users have outdated graphic card drivers installed on their Windows and then they face Nox lagging issues. It’s mandatory to use the updated graphics card irrespective of the emulator you are using. Besides this, you should also switch your processor to high-performance. If you are not aware of how to change it, here’s a simple guide you must follow.

#5. Clean Up Disk Space!

It’s not all about clearing cache but you must also ensure that your disk is cleaned up when you face any issues in Nox speed. Maybe the data which is stored is of no use for you or maybe you’re not playing those old games anymore! There are several reasons why you must clean up disk space regularly to maintain the speed of NoxPlayer at its best!

clean up disk space in NoxPlayer

  • Open Settings from top right corner and select Clean & Backup
  • Now click on the Clean up option on your screen.
  • It will now ask for confirmation, again click on Clean Up to proceed.

Note: It might take some time to clean up the disk. Make sure that you don’t cancel or don’t close the NoxPlayer in between the process else, you will face issues again.

NoxPlayer cleanup in progress

#6. Update NoxPlayer to the Latest Version!

NoxPlayer’s latest version runs on Android 7 and it’s by far the fastest Nox emulator version ever! If you’re having NoxPlayer 5 or even earlier versions, you must definitely consider updating your Nox to the latest version. By default, the Nox version is shown on the top left corner of the emulator. Cross check it with the official website or use this method to update it.

check NoxPlayer version

  • Click on the Hamburger icon from top-right.
  • Now, click on the System info option to check the current version.

To update NoxPlayer, close the emulator and launch again. It will automatically detect if there’s an updated version available and will show a pop-up for the same. As our NoxPlayer is on the latest version, we didn’t get any such pop-up but you will get it if your version is older.

Closing Thoughts!

We’re sure that these tips would help you to speed up your NoxPlayer Android emulator in quick time. If you still face any issues after following the above given tips, do reach us via the comment section below and we will guide you with proper solutions. Till then, play your favorite Android games on Windows PC and have lots of fun with your buddies!

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