Toonia TwinMatch

Toonia TwinMatch wants to teach your kids to play Mahjong

Twinmatch? If they’re identical, that isn’t so hard. Oh, but the new app Toonia TwinMatch isn’t about twins. What it is about is Mahjong.

You know: the traditional tile-matching game that’s been a staple of casual computer gaming for donkey’s years but – as far as we know – hasn’t been that big a game for children.

Developer Toonia – whose creative Cardcreator and Storymaker apps we’ve written about before – has taken on the challenge of making Mahjong understandable and fun for kids with its new app on iPhone and iPad.

The game, as in real life, involves removing tiles from a stacked board in matching pairs, with the tiles only able to be removed if they’re not covered by another.

Here, the tiles are all cutesy icons, with a choice of three themes: fruit, animals, and space. For each, there’s a choice of 12 different board layouts, providing plenty of playability.

Some touches are designed for children, like a lightbulb button that illuminates the tiles that are free for matching while darkening the others. Playing is as easy as tapping on the pairs of tiles: they pop up when tapped then disappear in a sprinkle of stars.

Toonia TwinMatch is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, but you only get the fruit tiles in that initial download. You can buy the animals and space packs for £1.49 each as in-app purchases.

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