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Jump! turns maths into a fun ‘game of numbers’

The best maths apps for kids are the ones that feel as much like playing as like learning. A new app for iPhone and iPad called Jump! is the latest evidence.

“A game of simple addition… or is it?” is how developer Artgig Studio describes the new game, which is aimed at children aged six and up.

The company has form, too: we really liked its Mystery Math Town and Marble Math apps. This new game takes a different approach though, and it’s all about Snortles and Stompers.

Don’t worry parents: these aren’t new-fangled maths curriculum terms you haven’t heard of. Snortles are the characters that children have to rescue in Jump! – leaping from number to number in sequences to save them from floating in the sea.

The maths is in the sequences, of course. “Can you count by 2s or 3s…how about 12s?” asks the App Store listing. Children can also “squish together” numbers to make the next one in the sequence where necessary.

Stompers? They’re the cheeky foes who’ll try to get in the way. For any child starting out with sequences and times-tables, this is great fun – and it will adapt to your child’s level as they play, stretching their skills when necessary.

Hints are included to ensure kids don’t get frustrated – you can also turn the Stompers option off if it’s stressing your children out – while there’s a beach-party scene to show their progress as they earn beach-balls as symbols of their success.

Artgig Studio knows their numbers, but they also know how to make those numbers fun and engaging. Jump! A Game of Numbers costs £2.29 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.


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