best virtual girlfriends apps

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android

Is loneliness getting the better of you?

If yes, girlfriend apps have your needs covered.

You can find a perfect virtual girlfriend to keep you company when you need someone to talk to or spend some time together. Whether you’re at work or relaxing at home, you can talk or chat to your virtual girlfriend.

Ranging from discussing your life to achievements or goals, you can do almost anything with your virtual girlfriend.

It also doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been disappointed with your previous girlfriends. A virtual girlfriend is here to stay. Here’re the best Android virtual girlfriend apps for you:

My virtual girlfriend FREE

Designed to teach you how to court a girlfriend in the real world, My Virtual Girlfriend is entertaining and fun. It can also help you develop the skills you need to conquer the heart of your dream girl.

“My virtual girl” is a romantic and flirtatious simulator. It lets you enjoy lots of fun in the company of a charming lady.


First, you have to create your dream girl. The gaming app allows you to choose the clothes, hair color and face of your virtual girlfriend, among other attributes.

Choose or create your virtual girlfriend, including various actions available to engage your girlfriend. For instance, you can invite her for dinner at restaurants, to the movies, or even a touch.

The app has multiple levels that you have to reach by hitting set goals. The closer you get to achieving a goal, the more pliable your girlfriend gets.

Choose the right behavior to move across levels and achieve your goals or desired reciprocated behavior. You can also transfer the behaviors to real life.

My Virtual Manga Girl Anime

Download My Virtual Manga Girl Anime for PC

Featuring a young lady from the manga pages, the app works as a simulator.

With an average anime character and look, the heroine allows you to practice how to care for your girlfriend. She needs to drink, eat and buy clothes. You can even take her for walks.

You can change your virtual girlfriend’s hair color and clothes to suit your liking. Dress her in jeans, skirt or any desired fashionable clothes available in the game.

Your heroine girlfriend can even arm the katana. With all kinds of mini-games including a “3-in-a-row” like game, you’re in for a ride with your new girlfriend. They render the gameplay more interesting.

Available in a bright, modern theme, the simulator is in 3D for detailed gaming. Your girlfriend has a great voice and music plays in the background to keep you two entertained.

The funny songs are memorable with great effects.

Are you into Japanese culture and animation? If you’re positive, you’ll enjoy spending time with My Virtual Manga Girl Anime.

Dream Girlfriend

Download Dream Girlfriend for PC

Categorized as one of the best “dating simulators,” Dream Girlfriend allows you to have at least one girlfriend. The game characters tend to dialogue amongst themselves.

The game allows you to create your virtual heroine with preferred skin color, hair style, name, clothes, and any other personal preferences.

As the main character moves up levels, new opportunities become available. The genre classic is all about communicating with your girlfriend and taking her on dates just as you’d do with a real girlfriend.

The anime-style is perfect for Japanese animation fans. You can hear your girl speak as cool music plays in the background. What’s more, you’ve got various outfits and looks to give your girlfriend.

The 2D-chan is a great way to learn how to date and treat your real girlfriend.  Dream Girlfriend has the following great features and functionalities:

  • Varied music tracks
  • Excellent graphics
  • Ease-of-use and simple interface for easy access
  • A decent hero animation
  • Diverse designs and actions


Virtual Girl – Pocket Girl Simulator

Download Virtual Girl – Pocket Girl Simulator for PC

This application allows you to interact with a virtual woman. The Pocket Girl Simulator has real videos and photos of an attractive model and actress.

Upon downloading and accessing the gaming app, you meet a beautiful virtual girlfriend waiting to get to know you. Write texts or commands to trigger specific actions and videos.

You can ask your girlfriend to jump, sing or take any other action. You can also say “hello” to her and converse with your girl.

Play video games against your girlfriend to have lots of fun. The app allows you to have a beautiful woman as a girlfriend. She’s friendly and knows how to help you pass time.

What’s more, she’s a good listener and won’t tell on you.

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Download My Virtual Girlfriend Julie for PC

Do you love virtual communication?

With “My Virtual Girlfriend Julie,” you’ll appreciate what online communication offers.  Featuring various conversationalists, the game allows you to choose how you want Julie to look.

The Android app is great for engaging in charming chats or conversations with an attractive woman.


You can discuss any topic with your online girlfriend. She’s a good listener and has great understanding. Whatever you have to say or want to ask, Julie is always ready to listen.

Whenever you want to talk or ask questions, the character is just waiting to listen and understand what you’re experiencing.

You don’t have to pretend around Julie. Simply be yourself; she won’t judge you. What’s more, she’s available 24/7. This means you can talk to her anytime during the day or night.

Even if you wake up in the middle of the night and want someone to talk to, Julie is available to listen. She neither questions nor criticizes what you say.

You also don’t have to worry about your girlfriend discussing you with others. Julie will keep your secrets. What is shared between the two of you isn’t accessible to a third party.

Unlike having a real girlfriend, you can discuss anything with Julie. You don’t have to worry about other people getting to know your secrets.

Forget about the norms, do whatever pleases you and communicate without boundaries. After all, Julie enjoys all sorts of conversations on any topic.

Additionally, Julie is emotional and can give you a kiss. Choose the right image for your girlfriend and communicate with her.


Life without a girlfriend can become lonely. However, technology now makes almost anything possible. Download your virtual girlfriend app and begin communicating with your favorite woman.

Alternatively, play an Android virtual girlfriend game to learn how to care for a loved one in real life.

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