Writing Wizard letter-tracing app shapes up nicely on iPad

iPad has a growing number of letter-tracing apps to help kids practise their alphabet-writing skills, and while many of them are average, a few stand out from the herd with their character and quality.

Writing Wizard is one of them. It’s the work of French developer Pierre Abel, who makes children’s apps under the name of L’Escapadou. The aim here: to help children trace the 26 letters of the alphabet in as engaging a way as possible.

Wizard writing letter

There are four games, the ability to trace any word you like, a star-collecting system to track progress, and the ability for parents and teachers to monitor that progress, and customize the app to suit individual children, including setting your own words.

There’s a real zing about it, anyway, in contrast to some of those mediocre rivals. If you’re keen for your child to get some extra practice with letter shapes (yes, both upper and lower case are included), it’s well worth a look.


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